Rolled Rose - Crocheted Flower No.2

Three Dimensional Rose - Tutorial

sc= single crochet
dc = double crochet

·      Chain 36. (anywhere between 36 and 52 depending on how big you want your flower)
·      Dc into 6th chain from the hook. Chain 2. Dc into same space as the last. Chain 2.
(Skip 2 chains, dc, chain 2, dc, chain 2)  repeat to end.

·      6dc in first space. (Sc in next space. 6dc in next space) repeat to end. End off.
·      Roll into itself. Using a wool needle, anchor with a few stitches at the back.
NB: Pattern for a more intricate one can be found at       (If you can read Russian)

Three Dimensional Rose- a second pattern
Check it out at "Pom pom emporium"


  1. thank you fo sharing this. The pattern was very easy to follow. Now I can make rose.


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