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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Mini Christmas crocheted stockings by Mandy - Free Pattern

These cute little Christmas stockings were made by Mandy.
There was no real pattern to follow so we worked it out easily enough by sharing crochet know how and made little stocking decorations until they were everywhere. Wil and Bev G made a heap!

Here are some pictures and a pattern!

A pentagon granny square folded in half to make a little stocking.

Make them in whatever colour you like!

Add some sparkle :)
or a bell on the toe!
Put a few sweets, a roll of mints or a roll of cold hard cash inside,
hang them on the Christmas tree
and you will be popular.

Click "read more" below for the pattern.

Mini Crocheted Christmas Stocking. Pattern
(Using UK/Aussie terms)  
For USA readers, my double crochet = your single crochet.  My treble = your double crochet.

Use 8ply wool and a size 4 hook.

To make the pentagon (5 sided) granny square (which is not a square!)

4 chain then slip stitch to form a circle.

ROW 1:
3 chain, 2 treble. 2 chain, 3 treble. Continue with [2 chain, 3 treble] until there are 5 sets of 3.

ROW 2:
change colour, 3 chain, 2 tr, 1 ch,  3 tr in same chain space, 1 chain then [3 tr, 1 ch, 3 tr, 1 ch] in each space.
to end, join with slip stitch into top of 3 chain.

ROW 3:
change colour. 3 chain, 2 treble, 1 ch.  3 tr. into corner, 1 ch, 3 tr into next space. Do 2 sets of 3 tr in each corner with a chain between each set of 3.  repeat to end of round. Join with slip stitch into top of chain.

ROW 4:
change colour. 3ch, 2 tr, 1 ch. 3treble in the same corner. do sets of 3 tr in each space from the row below with one chain between each set. In the corners do 6 trebles with a chain after the 3rd one.

Sew in ends.
Fold the pentagon in half and double crochet around the edge in the same or contrasting colour.
crochet a hoop to hang it with and decorate with a little bell on the toe if you have one.

thanks so much Bev and Mandy for the pattern!

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