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With the help of my friends, I co-ordinate "The Craft Group" which is a place for women to gather and do craft! We share a whole range of things, from craft to the small things that matter to us right up to understanding the whole meaning of life! I learn so much from everyone, I thought a blog would be the perfect way to record the memories! The "Plus..." is all about extra bits 'n pieces that I have found and would love to show you. Welcome to our Craft Group. Please feel free to say hi, leave a comment or become a follower! Enjoy!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas 2015!

Here is a beautiful Christmas Tree bouquet made by Elly.
Amazing! Look at some of the detail and work that has gone into it!

I hope and pray that this Christmas is one of Joy. If it is a time of sadness and grief, then I pray that the whole idea of God becoming man and coming to this earth to carry out His rescue plan of love for us will hit you in a real and powerful way once again and fill you with HOPE and joy.

On the home front, I am bracing myself for (emotionally) stormy weather. Our 4 teen/young adult children are all embarking on new ventures. Miss 18 is looking at courses now that she has finished High school. Mr 21 has finished his Nursing degree and has a Post-grad position in a big hospital in the children's ward. Mr 23, who has been recovering from hand surgery has just completed 3 months in a new job in the building industry and is looking forward to a new year of constant work. Miss 26 is ready to launch, but in a big way, moving to take up a teaching job in the Himalayas! So I will probably cry through much of next year as I will miss her terribly. My husband loyally weathers my emotional storms with me.

On the Craft front, I look forward to coordinating The Craft Group in our local area again next year and hope to finish some of my projects I have at home. For more inspiration... watch this blog!

Once again, Happy Christmas and God Bless you and your family in the new year.

Diana :)
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