Stay At Home: Craft Challenge #2: Make something to decorate your home

Thanks for sharing all your lovely cards with us from the March 2020 challenge! CLICK HERE to see all the entries! This next challenge is a little more open ended so watch the video below for more details. THIS CHALLENGE ENDS THIS WEEK - FRIDAY 15TH MAY! This month's challenge is to make something to decorate your home. The possibilities are endless for this one. So share with us a picture of what you have done and join us again soon for our next challenge. (Also tell us if there is a story attached to your creation!) APRIL 2020 Entry #1 - Annalee Annalee from Sydney So often we buy a kit when we are on holidays and then we get back to real life and it goes in the cupboard... unfinished. Well, this sweet embroidery was started in Thailand and now it is finishd and on her wall. It was not her intention to be living back at home for so long and a few months is going to turn into most of 2020 she thinks! So setting up and decorating her room has meant she still

Stay at Home: Craft Challenge #1: Make 4 cards! Click on "Read More" to see the entries!

Hi to all the lovely crafters at home! Due to the COVID-19 virus the Craft Group is on a temporary hiatus. However, we thought it would be fun to do some craft challenges at home! Watch the video below for the details of the first craft challenge! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE ENTRIES! Here are all the entries of our Craft Group Challenge #1 Make 4 cards then send them to someone! (MARCH 2020) Thanks for sharing your creativity ladies! (There may or may not be prizes for those participating in the challenges 🤣)   Entry #1 - Annalee 4 Cards by Annalee - Sydney Entry #2 - Wil 4 Cards by Wil I from Sutherland  Awww, my sweet Mum made these 4 cards. She is another lady who has blessed many many people with her home made and sent cards. Thanks for making cards for the challenge Mum! Entry #3 - Marion Marion from Barden Ridge These 4 lovely cards are by Marion - Barden Ridge. Marion and her husband have just been in isolation at home for 2 week

15 Things to do if you are quarantined at home.

Got lots of time at home? Make the most of it! I have been home for 3 days... I am not in lockdown, just being careful. I still have to work at school for 2 days a week while it is open. Sadly The Craft Group has been cancelled. BUT, even though there are many sad terrible things going on at the moment, I am thankful for the gift of Time. And I plan to use it well. So far I have turned our loungeroom into a bedroom for our 28 year old who has moved back home for a while (the spare bedroom is our new office - which I am not parting with!) I also ... without paying a cent, have made a music and art room! I'll share how I did it with you one day! I have also caught up with a whole basket of ironing! I have hundreds of projects I could do at home. But it's not just about keeping busy. Looking after our mental health is very, very important at this time. It is important to have a routine, which I am going to struggle with (I am, unfortunately, rather spontaneous and ea

UPDATED: Is The Craft Group on? No! :(

UPDATE: SIGH A lot changes in a week!!! I have always been committed to following any Government recommendations and so I have had to make the hard decision to CANCEL THE CRAFT GROUP UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Staying home does not mean worrying. There is less to be worried about if you stay home and we will be in touch in other ways! I am expecting some amazing "Show 'N Tell" projects when we meet again!  And stay tuned on this blog :) I promise to put new posts up!    Diana xxx Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not our hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.   John 14:27 OLD MESSAGE OUT OF DATE AFTER 2 DAYS! For those of you who physically attend The Craft Group, we need to think about how to responsibly care for each other during this Corona Virus Pandemic. If you would like to read more about my thoughts, or get some accurate information about COVID-19, you can read my BLOG POST HERE . Our nex

Look after Each Other

How are you? I hope you are doing OK during this surreal chapter in the world entitled "Corona Virus". In Australia, we have had some strong chapter headings lately. "Drought," "Fires," "Floods" & "Panic buying" just to name a few! I am not panicking. I am not stressed. I have a great God who gives us Hope, Courage and Peace because He is in control and has Purposes beyond our comprehension. Each new day I come to Him to bring Him all my needs. I pray that you can do that too. But now I want to talk about selfishness. In a society like Australia, we are brave and resilient. We carry on and get out there and help one another. And so our instinct is to have a "She'll be right" attitude. The problem is that if we don't take the World Health Organisation's advice seriously, "He" or "She" might not be alright! It is not all about me. It is not all about you. It is about the vulnerable

Painted Rocks

We may have rocks for brains but we are painting rocks! I love any art or craft with a community aspect to it.  People all over the world are painting rocks then hiding them somewhere in a public place where someone else might find them.  Making a surprise discovery of a little painted gem is sometimes all it takes to brighten someone's day. The idea is that people can leave the pebble where they found it, keep it or re-hide it! Some rocks I painted A fun afternoon painting with my 10 year old niece!     Some people like to follow their rock's journey. There are many facebook pages to help them do this. I like the fb page NSW ROCKS . If you join the group and check out their "files", you will find many resources about how to paint rocks. I like their emphasis on not ruining the environment you place them in. For example, no goggly eyes or stickers that could come off. If you want to track your rock, you write fb NSW ROCKS on the back and the postc