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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Where have I been?

In the past...
I have been to Europe.
I have been to Canada.
I have seen some of Australia.
I have never really had the desire to go to any Asian destination for more than a stop over.
Then, our daughter decided she wanted to live and teach in Southern Asia.
So... after 9 months of her moving there, my husband and I went for 3 weeks to visit her in the Himalayas.
What a fascinating experience!
We are back.
She is still there.  
I am very thankful for modern forms of communication.

There are so many stories to tell but seeing as you are all my craft friends, I will share some crafty photos...

There was folk art on every single building. A newly built apartment block was being built near our daughters place. We loved watching the men perched on the bamboo scaffolding painting all the amazing designs for weeks on end.

 We went to a paper making factory. 

We watched women weaving scarves.

We saw hand woven yak wool textiles.

And of course we made things too. Here are the first of her Christmas decorations. 
(More details about the crocheted stars soon!)

I have also been quilting like a mad woman over the last 10 weeks to make a quilt for our daughter's birthday. It was finished, admittedly, at the very last minute. It was packed up and came in our hand luggage!
I will tell you all about it soon, I promise!

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