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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Quick Recycled magazine Christmas Tree tutorial

This Christmas I have been doing some decorating using recycled books, so to continue the theme, here is a great Christmas tree made from an old magazine. You may have seen it before but it's good to have a step by step 'how to' for yourself or the kids!

I snapped Bronwyn making one so that we could share with you a full visual tutorial.

Find a magazine that has a glued spine (not staples).
"Perfect bound" is the proper name for this (because I just asked my magazine publishing husband!)

Rip the covers off and fold the first top right hand corner down like this...

Fold the diagonal edge to meet up with the spine of the magazine.

You have to really score the folded edge well with your fingernail.

Now make a straight fold along the pointy bit by folding a line along the bottom of the magazine.

Open the page and fold the point under.

Like this...

Or, you can fold it under before opening the page.

Whatever you prefer.

Now repeat over and over until all the pages are folded.

You can paper clip the first and last pages together. That makes it easy to fold up and store for next year. But you can glue it too if you like.
Now, get yourself a bamboo skewer.

Glue it down the centre spine, leaving just a bit sticking out the top. Maybe do this bit before glueing the whole thing together.

Get some bling...

Attach to the skewer and ta da!

SO nice!

Quick, make one before wednesday!

Thanks Bronwyn!

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