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Monday, 11 August 2014

Tactile quilts for disabled children by Lorraine

I was sure I had posted these amazing projects by Lorraine but I just searched my own blog and I haven't featured them yet!
They are so inspirational and such a worthwhile project.

Two years ago, we were challenged by a lady who works with families with young children with intellectual disabilities. She said that at their playgroup, one little quilt was made by someone who works there and understands the importance of tactile stimulation for these littlies. The little quilt was wearing out and they wondered if we could make some more.

The challenge was taken and some of us put on our thinking caps to start to create. You can see the beginnings of our thoughts and creations HERE.

Then you can look at the lovely post of when we gave the tactile quilts to the children HERE.

Since that time, Lorraine has been inspired by the freedom and creativity involved in making these tactile quilts. Her main inspiration has been to make something which has such an positive impact on the children who will be using them. (as well as an encouragement to their parents!)

Lorraine has become a creativity machine! The things she has made and donated to this playgroup have been amazing!

You really have to click here,  to be blown away with her ideas!

These quilts are full of different textures and colours to keep those little minds buzzing with curiosity and learning.

Many of the fabrics,yarns and embellishments were found by Lorraine on our "Swap Shop" (where we donate unwanted things from our craft cupboard and then take something for free that we might need that was given by someone else!)
Here is one with a little road map...

Lorraine, I feel my photos don't do them justice.They are outstanding.

She has branched out and made some toys as well.

I will feature her tactile baby book in a post later this week!

Why not be inspired, find an early intervention playgroup for disabled children in your area and ask if they would like some of these quilts too. Then get busy and have fun!

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  1. Great photos and lovely blog, Jayne, from the UK.


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