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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fried Rice! The recipe.

We love sharing skills hidden amongst our group. Rita and her husband Arthur ran a Chinese Restaurant for years.... and so who better than her and her daughter, Christine to show us how to make the best fried rice ever?

Rita and Chris's Fried Rice recipe:

Prepare everything beforehand and have ready in little bowls... (just like in the cooking shows!)

* RICE - boil on the stove the night before. I cup of rice to 1 1/2 cups of water. Bring to the boil then turn down low and put the lid on for 20 minutes. Fluff the rice up and put in the fridge over night. Let it dry out while it cools down. So if you need to put it in the fridge still a bit warm, leave the lid slightly ajar. Chris uses long grain or Jasmin Rice.

* SCRAMBLED EGG - Crack an egg into a bowl and with a fork really beat it up. Don't add anything. Then in a hot, oiled work, cook the egg, stirring and breaking it up as it cooks. Set aside.

* VEGETABLES - finely chop up some shallots (or spring onion) set aside some frozen peas.

* BACON - If you want to add some ham or bacon, dice it and fry it in the wok. Make sure you clean the wok out well before making the fried rice.


- Heat the wok until you see the heat shimmering above it.
- Add a good glug of oil. (Chris used Rice Bran oil  -  it smokes less!)
- Wait until the oil is really hot then put the cooled, dry, cooked rice in. Flatten it down, mix, flatten.
- This is the bit that was good to see in action... with 2 flat heat proof spatulas, one in either hand, move that rice around and around until it is all fluffed up and heated through.
- If it sticks, your wok is not hot enough (or started out dirty with bacon). If that is the case, tip out the rice, wipe it out, reheat the wok and start again.
- Add the scrambled egg and shallots. Mix with those 2 spatulas/ flat wooden spoons. Mix, mix, mix.
- Add the peas and the precooked bacon or uncooked diced ham. Mix, mix, mix. Keep the wok hot!
- You can add other things like prawns or a tiny bit of shredded cabbage, but not too much as it contains too much water. Add tiny bits of chilli if you want. Corn and carrots work but they are not really in traditional Chinese fried rice where Rita comes from. So if Rita's not adding it then neither am I!
- If the rice is lumpy, squash the lumps with the spatula. If it's dry, add some oil.
- Add a tablespoon of DARK SOY SAUCE. This is only available in Chinese grocery stores. It adds a much better colour. You can use normal soy sauce but be careful not to use too much and make your rice too salty.

(Check again tomorrow and I'll have added photos!

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  1. the fried rice was very delicious. Thanks Rita and Christine for showing us how to recreate this at home.


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