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Sunday, 12 June 2016

a special birthday card

It was my birthday!
I had lunch with my childhood family. It was funny driving in the car with my Mother, Father and 2 sisters. We had a nice lunch near the beach. Then I had a lovely dinner  (Thai take-away) at home with my 'now' family. I so enjoyed torturing them with half an hour of watching home videos from the past. I only get to do that on Mothers' Day and on my birthday. This year even my daughter living overseas watched with us on Skype. They complain about home movie nights but I know they secretly love it ;)

The next day I went, as usual, to The Craft Group and let me show you the card my gorgeous craft friends gave me!!!

Looks like a box you might be thinking.

A very pretty box...

With a very pretty ribbon.

One ribbon was easily removed on the back as it was stuck with double sided tape. I could remove it one handed like a movie star instead of like a crazy craft lady trying to undo it to keep every inch of ribbon for... well, you know, we just keep everything just in case!

And inside was a card!

A very pretty card.

A very very pretty card (made by Elly).

So Special!

There were even dew drops on the flower :)

And inside, it was jam packed with love.
Thank you to all my lovely Craft Group friends!

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  1. The card is stunning! And I really miss going to the craft group. Happy Birthday Diana!


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