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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas and a Blessed 2017!

Wishing you a very happy Christmas 
and a terrific, crafty and blessed new year!

From me and my friends at The Craft Group!

This nativity scene has a story. It has 2 stories actually.
The first story is the real story it depicts. That one of God becoming man. The story of Jesus being born in a humble stable to live a perfect life only to be killed by those who hated Him. But His death was a payment for the things we do wrong and He came alive again to show that He is strong enough to do anything. He is God so if He can overcome death, He can surely forgive our sins and make us right with God. We just need to accept Him. Now THAT is a gift!

The second story is about the making of this nativity scene. At The Craft Group we have a "Swap Shop" where people donate things from their craft cupboard at home that they know they will never make. Any optimistic crafter from the group can take items for free if it they think they will make it. I took a felt nativity scene kit from the Swap Shop. It had everything in it and had quite an expensive price tag on it from its original purchase! 

My daughter has moved to the Himalayas to a place where no one celebrates Christmas. When Mark and I visited her in October this year I took the kit with me. We opened it and there were numbers and codes and keys and graphs and coloured threads and printed felt all over the place. I persevered during our visit to make the stable. I would have quit many times had I been at home but with the promise that she would make all the characters, I pressed on. Well, the stable was finished just in time and bit by bit the little characters have come alive in the hands of my once not-so-crafty daughter. 

The really lovely part is that, while she was making each piece during her breaks at school, everyone wanted to see what she made next and wanted to know the story behind the characters.  What a great story to share! (The first story that is :)

Have a lovely Christmas celebrating The Story! It's more than just a story and it's truth really is something to celebrate!

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