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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Handmade quilts by Carolyn

Are you a "Last minute" sort of person?
I must admit that I am. I have done some of my best work under the pressure of a deadline!
I can't say I enjoy operating in that way but that seems to be the way I am wired.
Carolyn, on the other hand, is wired very differently. She loves her quilting and loves to be organised. When we made Christmas Tree Skirts one year, I never finished mine. It does get used each year but is still a single layer of fabric. (No one can tell when there are presents on it!). Carolyn on the other hand finished hers and made 3 more! Well, now she is making some quilts as birthday presents. She has a few to make and the birthdays are in 2013!!! So she thought she'd get started. Here is the first one she has finished. She used black and white fabric to ensure the quilts won't clash with future colour schemes of the recipients homes.

Here is the second one. Done. 
They are huge! To take the photo's, I needed 2 ladies to stretch up to keep it off the ground.

I thought she must be like a formula one race car driver on her sewing machine but she told me she has done them all completely by hand. Hand pieced and hand quilted. What!!!
Her trick is that every evening she gets housework out of the way and ironing up to date, then aims to sit by 8:30 or 9pm in front of the TV to hand sew for at least 2 hours.
Wow. That is a disciplined woman who has an aim then goes for it!

I am trying to be coy about who the quilts are for, so if you know someone with a special birthday in 2013, don't tell them to look at this blog! Suddenly this morning at "The Craft Group" there was an amazing amount of women claiming to have special birthdays coming up in 2013. 
(Don't hold your breath ladies.)

Hey, I found this one in my photo stash too. Another Carolyn creation...
I see a theme happening.

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