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Friday, 14 October 2011

Home again!

When life gets unbelievably busy, unfortunately my blog stands still.
But I have not stood still, that's for sure!
I have just had the most amazing 3 weeks.
As I explained before I left, my father's side of the the family are all in the Netherlands. There are 8 Aunts and Uncles, 12 dutch cousins and their spouses and many cousin's children and grandchildren. My 2 sisters and I decided to go all the way to the other side of the world to join in a "Cousins Reunion".

I honestly thought I would be able to blog while I was away, to keep you up to date with what I was doing.  After all, I thought, I am just going to visit people and drink coffee and eat cake. I'll have plenty of time to sneak in some blogging time!

Well, I have had a whirlwind of a 3 weeks! I did snatch some computer time but first, I always checked emails from home and answered them. Then I'd go onto an online journal where I would write what I was doing each day for my family back in Australia to read.

There were times when I'd be missing out on everyone chatting and laughing and making memories because I was busy at the computer! So I kept my screen time to a minimum.

I hope you enjoyed the things I posted before I went away and scheduled to show up throughout the 3 weeks. Be patient with me and I will be on track again soon.

Here are a few photos of some of the things I did...

Saw the sight with my 2 sisters

Spent time with my cousin and friend Gina
Sat 24th September was THE day for the "Cousins Reunion". It was glorious weather and it was SO nice to meet up with everyone again. The day had plenty of opportunity to chat and catch up with each cousin.

Started our "Reunion day" with mingling (and eating) outside

All the cousins then walked around Haarlem for a bit.

We did a sight seeing tour by boat through the canals of Haarlem.

We ate dinner at an Australian Restaurant at Zantvoort!

It was a great day, surrounded by other days of travelling around and seeing loved ones. We pretty much laughed our way through Holland!

We ate LOTS of dutch food :)
I checked out the latest trend in the shops.
Admired people's homes and how they decorate.
Ate...and ate.... and ate!
We explored Amsterdam with my backpack on my front.
(Check out the bike!)
We laughed at the most ridiculous things!
(My sister should keep her scarf shorter!)
And I thoroughly loved living in the dutch world for 3 weeks.
We said lots of sad goodbyes  :(

But last night it was mighty nice to come home
again to loved ones down under :)


  1. Nice fotos Diana.feel a bit homesick now. Pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time.

  2. thankyou for sharing some photos Diana. Glad to see and hear you had a wonderful time!


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