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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bubble Picture Magnets

This is a great little gift idea. 
Choose a tiny little picture, glue it under a glass bead and see your picture grow!
You then attach it to a magnet which makes it easy to be displayed on your fridge.
Last year when I went overseas for my family reunion, I made up 20 little gift packs for the relos. In the pack I included this little magnet featuring our family crest. (We all felt pretty patriotic!)

Here's how to make them.

You will need:
* Bag of flat bottomed glass beads (I found mine at the Reject Shop).
* Packet of round self adhesive magnets smaller than the base of the bead (Spotlight).
* Glue that dries clear. Mine said it was suitable for gem work. (Spotlight)
* Tiny round pictures to fit exactly on the magnet. If you print them off from your printer at home, they may not be waterproof, so first make a colour photocopy of it.

STEP 1 - Cut the picture exactly the size of the magnet. My magnets had one self adhesive side, so we stuck the paper onto that (see STEP 3 below). If you are good with a craft knife, you can stick the picture on and cut around it, otherwise just cut it with scissors first.   (It doesn't need to be perfect).

STEP 2 - Place a blob of glue onto the picture. Hmmm, this picture looks like it has a bit much on it. Try just a tad less than that. Now carefully place the glass bead on top, centering it and not pushing all the glue out. You won't be able to see your picture for maybe a day. Just leave it somewhere to completely dry.

STEP 3 - All my beads with their picture came off the self adhesive magnet!!! It obviously wasn't sticky enough, but that was OK, I pulled all the magnets off the backs of my picture bubbles and reapplied them with a little of the same glue. It is better to do it at this stage than at the start and at least you'll know it is well stuck on. Leave it another day to completely dry.

Here you can see them just about dry. The glue is still a bit white.

There are many things you could put inside. Tiny words or messages, a photo of someone, a special scene, a cute animal or flower, a date to remember, a musical note... the possibilities are endless!

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