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Sunday, 29 April 2012

What I did Easter 2012

For those of you (if there is anyone) who regularly checks out this blog... I am sorry for the short break but I am back. Where have I been? Let me tell you.

Our kids are getting older and I didn't think we would all be holidaying much together anymore but no one wants to miss out on anything! So the 6 of us sat snuggly in the car and off we went. A 12 hour drive to Toowoomba, Queensland. Check out Mark's driving gloves.  From the deep dark archive called the glovebox, came his ancient gloves for long distance driving. 
The kids of course laughed at him. 

We went to Toowoomba for 3 reasons.

1) To see the relos!

Many hours were spent with friends and family who popped in at Mark's sister Sandi and Rodney's house to sit, chat, laugh, relax and catch up.

Their coffee machine received a good workout.

They have fantastic ways of feeding a crowd. Casseroles in a few camp ovens outside. YUM!
We also went to church with our family up there and had a great time remembering what Jesus did for us on the Cross and how that still impacts our lives in an amazing way today. We are so blessed.

We celebrated Mark's birthday there. There he is on the left.

We caught up with Mark's mum and met the newest member of the family, Mikkah.

I love this photo!!!

The kids and their cousins went 4 wheel driving. Thankfully I could stay home sipping lattes.

A big thing in Toowoomba is the annual Easterfest which we bought weekend passes for.
Our lovely niece works for Easterfest. She is very clever. It was HUGE and ran like a well oiled machine. They set up huge stages and marquees in Queens Park and have bands running all weekend. The bands are mainly made up of Christians and it was such a positive atmosphere.

I've added this photo because this is my friends Donna and Ron's son. He was very good.

After Toowoomba we went as a family to the Gold Coast and had 3 action packed days going to theme parks. Epic fun!

Here are the kids making themselves feel at home in the apartment we rented for 4 days. It's tricky finding accommodation for 6 but this was perfect.

We went to "Movie World". I might try driving like that next time I go down the street.

We went to  "Wet 'n Wild". There were vertical drops and 'tornados' and I did them all! There was just one thing that scared me to the point of near panic. It was climbing up those tall flights of stairs to get to the tops of the rides. I coped with the physical climb but the height! I am so scared of heights if I am not completely enclosed. It was a relief to be hurled down a water slide ride at the speed of light just to get off those stairs! We also went to "Sea World" where we saw cute penguins like this one. I also got stuck on a ride! The "Jet ski Rescue" broke down and we came to a sudden halt in a tunnel. It took ages for us to be rescued from the rescue ride!

 We strolled along the beach and met up with friends.

Here I am in "Infinity" at the coast. It was a maze of rooms which were all lit in many and varied ways. 

Well, that is where I have been.
The Craft Group is getting together again for term 2 this thursday at a coffee shop.
But before then, I have lots of pictures of lovely crafts different people have made that I want to show you. So, out of holiday mode and back to work sharing fun craft ideas!


  1. Glad you had a good time. I expext that scrapbooked by the end of the term ;)Jen

  2. A wonderful holiday Diana! We missed you of course at KEC, but it looks like you had such a special time together.

  3. Hmmm. I won't comment on the possibility of me scrapbooking something! And yes, Amanda, it was very strange not going to KEC at Easter! We missed the atmosphere there but had a great, very overdue catch up with the relos which was great.


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