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Friday, 26 April 2013

Archiving kids schoolwork

This has been a 2 week holiday of sorting and keeping up with appointments with Dad after his broken hip as well as a bit of "taking it easy".

Firstly on the resting side of things, I have been home the whole time and Mark goes to work but the kids have been in and out and keeping up with their comings and goings has been a spectator sport in itself!  (It is very nice when they take themselves places!) Camps, housesitting, weekends away. They are all having a great time. So I have not cooked a meal for six people in 2 weeks.   :)

On the broken and fixed hip scene, Dad is going home today if all goes well. I'll go pick him up and make sure he gets up the steps at his house.

On the sorting front I have been going through my sewing room. This was not just a tidy up. This was a complete overhaul!  I inherit that from my Mum. She finds it enjoyable too to just be around all her fabric and craft bits 'n pieces and tidying it all up. It has taken me forever but while I was doing it I listened to a book on CD which was soooo enjoyable.

I also have sorted, AT LAST, all our kids school work. What do you do with 4 children's school work of 14 years each (including preschool)? That is 56 years of things so precious I can't bear to throw them out! Well, at last I did the deed and here is the end result...

I kept something from each of them from each year of schooling. There was a lot that went to the recycling bin. I kept things that showed their own creativity and personality. Some things were too hard to part with but too big to keep, so I took a good clear photo of it and then ditched it. Done.
I had a stash of those little silicone sachets that you get in a shoe box, or any boxed item you buy. I divided them amongst the boxes to keep control of the moisture content in the boxes.

A satisfying job to complete!
What have you done in the last 2 weeks?

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