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Monday, 24 June 2013

Jennifer's quilt for Lydia's baby.

Jennifer is a multi talented lady.
She is also very generous with her skills!
During Lydia's pregnancy she crocheted this beautiful baby blanket.

And after the pregnancy Jennifer shared her skills as a Physician who used to specialise in lactation consultancy. Now that is a great friend to have when you have just had a baby!

Do you love the zig-zag crochet pattern? Have you done it before? I must admit that Wendy T showed me once how to do this pattern. I completed about 30 cm of a rug and then came to a grinding halt. The problem was that I needed to count. Every up and down of the chevron pattern... I was counting. Counting and watching TV. Counting and chatting. I nearly went mad counting so decided it wasn't important enough to loose my sanity over. So I stopped counting. And I stopped crocheting my zig zags.  I know a truly talented crocheter can zig zag, count, watch TV, plan the week's shopping list and talk on the phone all at the same time but alas, I could not.

After my true confessions I am sure I have not inspired you to try and enjoy this pattern. But, if you are a discerning reader and realise the problem is with me and not the pattern , then here is a tutorial to show you how it's done.

Maybe I would have had a better chance had I seen this guy teaching the stitch. He is pretty clear and uses single crochet stitches.  Check out his technique here.

There are many tutorials and patterns if you search for them on the web.

But, being lazy and enjoying cheating with crafts, I really liked the look of the following stitch. It doesn't look as nice as Jennifer's pattern but it looks good for a beginner, being based on the Granny Squares we all learnt to do as kids.

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