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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Quilt - a gift from Bev to Pat

"It's the thought that counts" the saying goes. But no, if you don't buy your mother a Mother's day present, it won't do to just say "I thought about it Mum, and it's the thought that counts!"
It's not that I'm after presents... hang on, that's a lie, I LOVE presents! It's just that I feel it's important to teach my kids the value of giving to others. The giving is all the more meaningful when some thought, care and effort has gone into the gift.

Which brings me to this week's "Show 'n Tell"...

 Bev I. and Jocelyn made this lovely quilt for Pat L for a special birthday.
Wow, what love and care and thought went into that!

To top it off, there is a great label on the back. All handmade must have a label!

Well done Bev and Jocelyn, you are SO thoughtful! 
And enjoy your lovely quilt Pat. We all know that you are really only 60 with a few years experience!

This reminds me of the lovely quilt that Jenni made me for my birthday!


  1. I wrote a comment on your insecure feeling about your blog of June 4th.
    Again, I love to visit your blog. To-day I red about your trip to Holland which is my homeland, and about the death of your Mum-in-law.....tears in my eyes. Go on, please.
    Love, Rya Lucas

  2. Hi Rya, thanks for the comments and I'm glad you were touched by my lovely mother-in-law.
    Blessings, Diana.


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