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Sunday, 28 July 2013

An Apron for Queenie

OK, it's time for a lovely story.
Once upon a time, Joan made a pretty peg apron for a friend.

One day in central Queensland, a lady called Queenie happened to be looking at our blog.
She liked the apron and emailed me to ask if we sell them.
Joan was flattered that someone liked her handiwork but wasn't looking for a new career in selling her creations.
To cut a long story short, Joan was happy to make an apron for our new Northern blog friend.
Queenie did request that white was not so practical on their rural property, so this was Joan's new creation...

Joan didn't want any money for it so "The Craft Group" paid Joan and we sent it with a few other little gifts to Queenie for nix. 
Would she like the new funky print? 
Would she think we are strange for asking her to take a photo of her wearing the apron at her clothesline? 
Would she be offended by the great little recipe book we sent her which also contained the great news of Jesus? 

This is what she emailed back to us...
Dear Ladies,
Firstly..I am just so pleased with the apron.  I wish I had had it all my life ! The fabric is very cheerful, and having the fabric which has a backing makes it hold it`s position well.  I just love using it, thank you so much to you all.
I took out my cheque  book and checked your note to check price, only to find it is a gift.  Thankyou dear ladies, and also thankyou for the recipe book which I will enjoy perusing.  I also am a Christian, so we can have that bond even though we do not meet.
I posed for a fun photo in front of my laundry, then on reading your note properly saw that you would like one as I hung  out the washing, so did so.
So thankyou from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you all Happy Craft Days !
With love in our dear Saviour`s Name.


Queenie also sent more info in her email about her property. 
My block of land is a quarter of an acre in size. Hers is 27000 acres! I can't imagine that! Her property has been through terrible drought.  The drought means they only use a third of the property. They are 110km from the next main town. She shared some photos which are so interesting...
It's taken me a while to get this blog post together but I am so glad that at last I can share our lovely apron story with you!


  1. Since writing this post I have received some really nice emails and photos from Queenie. I'll share them with you a little later on. So nice to meet new people through the blog!

  2. so pleased that Queenie liked the apron & is part of our christian family.


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