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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Holiday Bible Club

We are almost at the end of a 2 week winter holiday.
In the first week our church ran our annual Holiday Bible Club.
A great week of working together as a church family to provide a fun place for kids to come and hear about the best news they could ever hear.
So it was very fun and very worthwhile.

Here is one little idea I'd like to share.
As each child registered at our "Jungle Jamboree" HBC, they received a "Jungle Survival Pack".

Inside was a chatterbox all made up, with all the questions written on it already. An instant game.
Then there was a find-a-word puzzle made using words relating to our HBC.
Then there was the little pack of real jungle survival nutrition... monkey poo, killer baby snakes and a giant spider egg*. That was a huge hit with the kids.
Then there was some info about our church and an invitation to join us and check out our church website.
Oh and a packet of Scoobie doo biscuits.

Some lovely volunteers, Carla, Ria, Daniel and his Mum, Sue helped put 200 packs together. (thanks all!)
(*chocolate coated sultanas, snake lollies and a Mentos lolly.)

It's back to normal routine this week! I've packed this lovely lady into a suitcase again for a while. Poor dear.

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