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Friday, 8 November 2013

Give for India

Peter has a beard.

Peter has a very long beard.

Peter loves his beard.

Peter's beard is getting TOOOO long (personal opinion here).

Peter has a heart.

Peter has a big heart for the underprivileged women  and their families in India.

Peter thinks his beard can help raise $16,500 to fund a project.

Peter likes a project run by "Compassion" to educate and equip women in India to be able to run their own businesses or become employable with their new skills.

Peter thinks people love his beard too and would sponsor him by donating money if he shaves off his beard because it is such a huge sacrifice.

Peter is surprised by the people who are so cruelly saying "Yeah, I'll give money if you please get rid of the beard!"

Peter doesn't care about people's opinion of his beard (?) as long as they give.

Peter's deadline is 16th November.

Peter has a revised goal of $10 000 before he shaves it all off.

Peter is only up to $8165

PLEASE consider clicking HERE as a simple way to make a donation and support the worthy cause…


(Oops, sorry, I got a bit carried away there.)

My Story   By Peter

So many of you may have noticed that I haven't shaved for some time - since mid-May 2012 to be precise. I'm quite fond of my beard, but there comes a time in life where one has to shave. And now is that time... perhaps.
I'm shaving my beard off to raise funds through Compassion for Critical Intervention work in India. I love this country and their people and this is just a small way in which I can help.
The main objective of this critical intervention is to help 100 caregivers of children registered with Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program in southern India to learn new business and income generating skills, enabling them to gain self-sustaining employment, increase their household income levels and meet their needs and the needs of their families. Due to the low employment rates among women in the participating communities, the intervention will focus specifically on training and equipping mothers.
Some of the benefits for these women will include:
- families being able to earn sufficient income to buy food enough for two meals per day
- reducing the number of parents and families forced by poverty and unemployment to migrate in search of work
- reducing the need for parents and caregivers to leave their homes and communities and children to look for
work in major cities
- the children being able to attend local school and Compassion’s program activities regularly.
As you can see this isn't just a gift that'll have a one-off impact, but a long term positive impact on these women, their families and their communities. (Let me know if you'd like more information regarding this project).
The funding required for this project is $16,500 which I know is quite ambitious - but still definitely achievable.
If we can raise over $10,000 I'll fully shave off my beard.
If we can also raise the remaining $6,500 I'll also shave my head down to the skin.
When will this momentous event occur you ask? Saturday November 16, 2013.
Note: If not enough funds have been raise for full beard removal I'll just remove the amount corresponding to what's been given (e.g. only 90% funds raised = 90% of beard removed)
Check out https://www.facebook.com/petershaveforindia for more info and updates.

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