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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Great Slice & Cookie Exchange

Just before Easter, we held our first  "Great Slice & Cookie Exchange".

The rules were simple.
Ladies could buy as many trays as they liked for cost price (3 for $1).
They lined each tray with foil and filled it with their home made cookies or slices. 
They received a ticket for each tray they brought along and could then 'buy' with their tickets that amount of trays made by other people.

There were 45 trays of goodies all swapped and shared.
It was so nice to just make one big batch of one recipe and then receive a variety of goodies that family and friends could enjoy over Easter. Well I know my family thought it was a good idea!


  1. Yummmo Can I have the recipe.

  2. It was a great idea. The only problem was they were eaten far too quickly by my family.

  3. Wow! Thanks Jenni for drawing my attention to this blog. This is a splendid idea! We shall try it at our church too. It looks really amazing. Good thing I'm not hungry at the moment...

  4. Lets do this one again!!!!!


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