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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Song - Amazing Grace

Here is a lovely version of the song Amazing Grace, arranged and sung by Chris Tomlin.

I found out some really cool things about this song. 
Click on 'read more' below to see my discoveries.
 This music video includes scenes from the movie "Amazing Grace" which tells the true story of William Wilberforce who worked so hard to end the slave trade. You will see in the movie (and in this clip) William talking to an old fellow. That is John Newton. He's the guy who really wrote the original "Amazing Grace" hymn. He had an amazing life. Motherless at 6. Sent out to sea at 11. He became a rebel and was very involved in the African slave trade. One night, when he was 23, he was in a violent storm out at sea. He was sure he would die and, regretting many things he had done wrong in his life, he cried out for mercy from God. God spared him and from that point on John Newton's life turned around. He encouraged Wilberforce to stay in politics and abolish the slave trade but also to follow God who sets us free.

Lovely parallel. Being set free from the chains of slavery. Being set free from the consequences of sin. 
No longer lost, no longer blind. We can be found and we can be made to see. 
Amazing love. Amazing mercy. Amazing Grace.
I love this song. I hope you have a lovely restful Sunday.

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