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Friday, 27 May 2011

Practically FREE candlesticks!

I received a pile of free offcuts from our 19 year old's new profession as an apprentice carpenter. He works at the moment in a stair manufacturing workshop. 
What a good boy, bringing plenty of firewood home from the throw-out bin for his Mum who is always cold in winter!

Hang on. I do love firewood for the winter but maybe I can make something. 

'Free' is always fun!

I drew a few pencil lines to show him where to trim them for me. I cut right through the middle of the balustrade balls to make a flat surface to hold a candle. I staggered the heights. Then I pulled out some old house paint that was in the garage. I sanded them roughly to make them slightly distressed looking.

New candlesticks!



  1. These are beautiful! So clever! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your project in the DIY Project Parade, Diana Grace!


  2. gorgeous!! if you like to "party" I hope you'll stop by and join in on my blog party too!

  3. What a great idea! It's a beautiful addition :-) Stopping by from a bowl full of lemons.

  4. These are just beautiful! I love candle-holders, but they can get pricey. Now I just need to find a carpentry shop, oh wait, The Man would love to make some of those for me! Your blog looks like a lot of fun and I'm your newest follower. Maybe you would like to be mine?

  5. I love them! Super cute and I think I must copy this!! :)


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