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Friday, 16 September 2011

Bev's take on a Bullseye Quilt

I love the Bullseye patchwork pattern. Next year, the quilters at The Craft Group are going to do a group bullseye challenge. I have made a few quilts with this pattern and loved doing them. (I'll do more of a feature on the pattern later in the year).
Bev saw one of my bullseye projects and asked to borrow the pattern. My squares were cut into 4 (at right angles) but Bev made the design her own by cutting each square diagonally in half. You will have to wait for my future post for this to make sense!

Bev made this quilt for her daughter, Kaitlin.
She called it "Garden on flowers".

The block placement in my bullseyes are totally random. Here in Bev's quilt, she has done clever things with colour and tone. Bev has a knack of taking any project and giving it a bit of extra 'wow' factor. You wait 'til I show you her $7 calico bear!

On another note. We all have busy days and weeks but sometimes there is a huge deadline for certain things to be done. I am having one of them now. Wait until you see what I am doing next week! eek!

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