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Monday, 5 September 2011

Write your Memoirs like Marjorie

Driving in the car with her friends, Marjorie was encouraged to write her memoirs. 
She has so many stories to tell and so she took on the challenge. 
She is combining a mix of stories, photos and little memorabilia.

She has also worked on a beautiful page showing her in her midwifery uniform.
Look at this next one. Here is a lovely reference from her high school. Sutherland Primary School is a lovely old solid building known to everyone as the local primary school. Many people don't know that from 1928 to 1958 it was a girl's high school. Click here and then click on 'heritage' to read a short history of the school.

On the right are photos of :
* The Argyle Cut which you can read about here

These places are all significant in Marjorie's story. You'll have to wait til it's finished to know why!
I love the idea of writing a personal history. One of the things we were talking about and I need answers on this one. Marjorie would love to make one copy of the book and then scan the completed pages to make digital copies to be able to give to her grand and great grand children. Where can you go to have 12" pages digitally scanned?

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