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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Children love to Make Things too!

I heard on the radio a discussion about 'the worst presents to give children'. Amongst them were noisy toys, things needing batteries and craft kits which require 100's of hours of parental supervision for the thing to ever be made! I know I am guilty of leaving some lovely craft kits until 'later' and they never eventuate. One was an Inkle Loom Weaving kit. I felt like I'd have to go and complete an art degree majoring in pre-shakespearean weaving methods before we could embarked on the project!

Well, I love this kit that Caitlyn received as a gift when she recently turned 7.

It is so pretty. The felt pieces are all pre-cut and punched and best of all it teaches hand sewing skills to a new generation of crafters!

Caitlin joined her Mum, Ina, at 'The Craft Group' one morning when she had a day off school. 
I love to see young ones enjoying making things.

Hey Caitlin, I love your lovely neat stitches!
I was wondering if you really were going to finish it at home...

...and you did!

Well done Caitlin. You are better than a lot of us ladies who start things and never finish them! 
You did a great job!


  1. Well done Caitlin. It looks beautiful. You will have to use it to carry your bible and pencils to church so we can all see it.

    love Marion

  2. I love it Caitlin. Very neat, careful sewing.


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