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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Megan's Headboard for a Bed.

Here is another reason why I love "The Craft Group".
 We have ladies from all walks of life, from all different ages, doing all sorts of crafts at many different skill levels. There is no pressure to conform.  There is no one looking down their noses at someone else and their craft and do we have showoffs? You bet! We all love to show off something we have made and everyone loves to see it.

I love the things Megan brings along to work on. This week it was a new head board for her son's bed. She brought along an  art canvas, some navy striped fabric and her mighty staple gun and off she went.
Megan is not short and I have heard it said that 
"All Sons Grow Taller than their Mother". 
Have you heard that too? Do you know of any exceptions to the rule? Over the many years since I have heard the theory, it has always been true... except in one family I know. The 22 year old son is shorter than his fairly tall mother, but... the father is shorter than his wife, so that seems to be a variable that can alter the theory.

Anyway, back to Megan's bed headboard. She bought  'King Single'  sized beds for her sons, knowing they will need a little extra length during their teenage years. So the canvas she bought is 1.9m X 1.2m.

I have so many ideas for my house and they just become part of my "To Do" list. I love it how Megan just does it! I love the head board idea for your sons' beds Megan. 
Send me a photo when the room is done!

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