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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Cola Cake

Today my culinary skills are soaring to new heights.
And I am gracious enough to share my secrets with you.
This recipe takes cake making to a whole new level.
2 ingredients.
That's right. Just 2 ingredients.
And today I am here to share the recipe with you:

Cola Cake
Ingredients: 1 packet cake mix
              1 can of Coke
Method: Mix and bake

There you are. That is it.
I am good at a few things and one of them is taking something short and simple and making it long and wordy. So here is my tutorial on making a cola cake!

STEP 1: Buy a can of coke and a chocolate cake mix.

STEP 2: Assemble on the bench everything you will need. The 2 ingredients, a bowl and a spatula, some spray oil and a baking tray. If I need to make a cake for a crowd or to take on a picnic, I often bake in a pyrex dish like this. It is easy to transport and I just cut and serve from the dish. 
Classy I know. (I took that idea from my sister-in-law in Canada. Thanks Audrey.)

STEP 3: Place cake mix in the mixing bowl and add the entire can of Coke.

STEP 4: Mix well (I did it by hand... or I should say by spatula because basically I didn't want to wash up my electric beater).

STEP 5: Grease your baking tin, or better still, grease and line with baking paper.
Pour the mix into the baking tin. 
Notice my swift technique here. This is an action shot to show you my skill and speed. I know... impressive. (No of course I didn't lick that chocolate off my thumb. I'm a professional!)

STEP 6: Bake according to the packet's instructions.
(No, my cake is not burnt. It is just a shadow!   ;)

STEP 7: Cover in chocolate icing. OK, I guess that was not listed in the recipe but I bought a cake mix which included a packet of frosting. Too easy.

STEP 8: Apply sophisticated decorations. I know my decorating skills are really up there with the best so don't feel bad about it if you can't cut a corner off a packet of 100's and 1000's and apply them as I did. It's part of an advanced cake decorating course somewhere I am sure.
(This cake was for my nephew Matt who had a farewell party at our house because he is moving to the country. The party was more fun than the cake lets on, believe me.)

STEP 9: Just so everyone gets an even amount of sprinkles, I covered my masterpiece. Cut and serve.

OK, now for some handy tips.

* Do not be tempted to add any of the other ingredients mentioned on the packet mix. There is no need for eggs or butter. A can of coke is all you need.
* This is the best tip... try mixing it up a bit. You can use a vanilla cake mix and add a can of lemonade instead of coke. The best variation is a vanilla cake mix and a can of passiona. Thanks for the idea Jenni.
* Using a home brand el cheapo cake mix works just as well ( but you won't get the ready made frosting).
* I spread mine out to make it go further but it is nicer if you use a normal round cake tin. Be sure to grease well and line the bottom with baking paper. The cake is actually very light and fluffy so can easily break apart if you try and roughly dig it out of a tin.

There you have it. The long drawn out version.

Enjoy making and eating your cake! Get the kids on board. Fun for everyone!
The"MoPS" mums are having a cooking demo of this cake on tuesday. Have fun Ruth!
(Please read the fine print below)

Cola Cake should be enjoyed in moderation. Consuming it in large quantities on a daily basis after every meal may have serious side effects.

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  1. I made it this weekend with No Frills Vanilla cake mix and ginger beer. Yummmmm


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