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Monday, 12 August 2013

Cowls, the new scarves

Cowls are not new but there have been a few appearing at The Craft Group.
Here is Joan's.

Hers is knitted. You can find some free cowl knitting patterns here.

Here is one by Bronwyn. Hers is crocheted.

I love these next 2 photos. Bronwyn is chatting to me about her cowl she made. In the background are the quilting ladies frantically searching for a needle that flung into the air and landed who-knows-where. It was a very thorough search, let me tell you!

In the end it was found at home in someone else's quilting bag. 
It had landed there and wasn't on the ground after all!

You might have better luck searching for crochet cowl patterns here.

Stay warm! 
Although I can't complain with our Sydney winter which has seen so many 20 degree days. 


  1. Here in Holland we had to stay cool.... we had a heatwave all over Europe. I love the cowl, maybe I'll make it for he coming winter.
    Search for a pattern.
    Thank you, Diana.
    Regards, Rya Lucas

  2. Hi Rya, Your summer was a bit late in starting I hear, so I hope you enjoy the warmth (if it isn't too hot!)
    Start knitting now and it will be ready for your winter.


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