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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Crochet tips, US and UK Crochet Conversions and a beanie pattern!

Firstly, Yay!!! It's saturday morning and I just received an email that my 23 year old daughter has arrived safely at her destination in India after 32 hours of travelling alone.

*big sigh* and Thank you Lord!

Now, onto some blog sharing of the crocheting kind.

I found this good tip on finishing off threads in your crochet.

from 'Playin' Hooky' blog
While checking out her site I saw on the top tab a free pattern which looks good too! She calls it the Brain Wave Beanie. :) 

from 'Playin' Hooky' Designs
But... I am always confused about patterns because of the silly differences in terms around the world.
The pattern above is from the USA.
The UK and the USA use the same terms but they mean different things. Being in Australia, I am confused because some follow the US was and others the UK. From the chart below, they say Aussies use the UK version.

I found this great, chart to convert crochet patterns Here

This following chart from "Fresh Stitches"  is a little different but also includes the hook conversions.
If you click here you can download this printable conversion chart. (Although I thought "slip Stitch' means the same in both countries???)

There is a really comprehensive guide on wikapedia here.

Are you as confused as I am, now that more patterns are coming through from the US?
Other Aussie crocheters... which version do you follow? 


  1. The tip about finishing off crochet threads looks very handy! Thanks! I am making a 'blanket' at the moment and will try out this technique. Oh, and glad to hear about A. arriving safe. I'll be following her blog too. xx

  2. Thanks for the information about the patterns Diana, but what is worsted weight yarns as is said in the beanie pattern? how do they relate to our plys???Ive downloaded the above information and filed it so I don't have to look for it when I need it.Your grateful sister in law!


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