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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Knit this month for charity

Did you know you can knit your little fingers off this month for charity?
In the past, ladies at The Craft Group have made knitted items and asked me how to get them to people in need? I had trouble finding a collector and distributor because my local Guardian pharmacy, who used to take my collections, said they don't do it any more.

Some of the things knitted by Bev G given to "Save the Children"
Well, either the person working there had no idea or that particular chemist didn't collect. But anyway, they are still collecting and I have the website to prove it!

Save the Children distribute knitted items to children in need and you can easily donate your items at your local Guardian Pharmacy.  (look here for the one closest to you).

They give out a free pattern book too. In the past they have told me that the items donated don't have to be from the pattern book, they can be anything for children to wear, providing they are new.

Here is the whole pattern book. Rather than print it off yourself, you can get a copy apparently at the Guardian Pharmacy.
The Guardian Pharmacy knitting pattern book.
Happy knitting! You have until 31st Aug 2013.
*I feel a bit annoyed! I saw the ad for this in a magazine and then after writing this blog tried to find the nearest Guardian Pharmacy. There are only a few in Sydney and the closest to me is at the Airport. I rang and they said I can post them to a Guardian Pharmacy. I found out through many phone calls that I can post them to "Save the Children Fund" directly which is probably by prefered option. But then I did have to go to the airport yesterday, so I took them and dropped them off there which worked out in the end.

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