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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Life = ups and downs

Yes, I am still alive!
Life has been busy in the last few weeks.

Mark's sister and husband are in Australia from Canada for a 4 week visit. We had some lovely days with them in the Blue Mountains and in beautiful Sydney....and a full family reunion with all the relos soon.

We had 50 teens here for Miss 16's 16th birthday party. Lots of fun.
Then Miss 16 got a part time job, a bank account AND her learners drivers licence. Wow, turning 16 is a big thing!

Mr 19 passed his driving test and is now able to drive on his own. Hmm, we have to share a car again.

Miss 23 came back from her 6 weeks in South Asia (but wants to go back and live there for a few years!) :)  :(   It is her birthday today! We are going out for lunch. She says she wants a steak. No curry.

We went to pick her up from the airport.
In the one hour we were away from our cars, some "person" stole all Mr 21's carpentry tools. $3000 worth. How ironic. We were SO happy that our daughter was safe and had nothing stolen overseas and then this happens here in our own city. Grrrrrrr. Oh, and it was our Anniversary on that day too. 28 years on the 28th. What a day of up and down emotions!

At least we are all well and together. A big lesson in not putting our trust in material things! Many things in life are just not in our control. I'm so thankful God has all things in His Hands. He teaches us in the bad things that He allows and He provides in the end with all that we need. A great lesson for us and the kids!

Now that you are at your computer, you just have to get a coffee and spend half an hour (or so) checking out "Craft Gawker".  Have a general scroll thru and click on anything that interests you. Click on 'categories' on the top and pick your preferred craft.

Enjoy (and don't blame me for time you spend on your computer!)

Craft Gawker

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