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Friday, 30 January 2015

2 ingredient banana pikelets

Having had 2 little ones in the house again for 2 days, I am convinced that the most important meals in their eyes are Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea.

The challenge is to find them something healthy but fun.

They were leaving my house with their Mum (my sister) in half an hour. They had an hour ahead of them in the car. QUICK! Feed them afternoon tea!

2 Ingredient banana pikelets came to mind and in no time were in the pan.

The 2 ingredients are 3 bananas and 3 eggs. That is really all you need to know but you can see a recipe HERE. This recipe is for pancakes but mini pancakes (pikelets) are better for little hands or for a small snack.
They are of course gluten, dairy and fat free with no added sugar!


"Miss 6" screwed up her nose at first. Just being honest because I think she was expecting a slightly different taste. But they were all eaten. They are not like your average pancake/pikelet but for littlies or people who are off sugar, gluten or dairy, these are an ideal snack.

I thought, even if I have that basic 3 and 3 recipe then add a little bit of flour or milk, it would still be healthy and would give it a bit more body. (You could cook them in butter and put maple syrup and icecream on them.... oops, I think I have just lost my focus!)

There are also many recipes for 2 ingredient banana cookies which contain just bananas and rolled oats. I must try them.

(You should try typing the word "banana" on a keybooard. It is very satisfying.)

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  1. Haha! Love the sentence you finished with! Banana banana banana!
    Sounds good! We do lots of bananalicious recipes here too! :) Thanks for sharing this one!


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