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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Chia Pudding Recipe from Kathy

At The Craft Group I mentioned to the ladies around me that I was after dessert ideas for Christmas.
One of the suggestions sounded super healthy and easy.
Kathy also told me that it was really yum too (although I wasn't 100% convinced).
So I tried it and I am totally sold on this great dessert idea!
I made some for our family in pretty individual glasses and I made one for a friend in a bowl, for Christmas. I made some for our own family Christmas and I couldn't stop eating it.
SO nice!

May I present to you... (from Kathy B with extra comments from me!)...

Chia Pudding Dessert
(It can be dairy free, gluten free and has no added sugar)
Kathy's Chia Puddings using multi coloured chia seeds

1 cup chia seeds( doesn't matter what colour seeds. Kathy used colour combo and I used white)
3 cups coconut cream or milk (that is about 2 cans)
Fruit slices ( mango and blueberries are our fav)
Coconut yoghurt from health food shop*

Soak seeds in milk overnight stirring occasionally.  (Although I went to bed and didn't stir at all after the first time). The seeds will turn into a pudding consistency. Next day place a serving of pudding, then fruit then yoghurt then top with blueberries and maybe shredded coconut. Or you can do thinner layers and repeat them all, finishing with fruit and a sprinkling of coconut.

* Coconut yoghurt was SUPER expensive but worth it if you have to make a dairy free dessert. I used plain Greek yoghurt. Yum.

One cup of chia seeds
Add coconut cream and soak over night

My individual Chia puddings
A Christmas present for a friend. A glass  bowl and Chia Pudding.

 Thanks for the idea and recipe Kathy!
She said she is got the idea from her friend, Kate Levins who is the author of the lovely healthy foodie blog BRUNCHFAST CLUB

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