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With the help of my friends, I co-ordinate "The Craft Group" which is a place for women to gather and do craft! We share a whole range of things, from craft to the small things that matter to us right up to understanding the whole meaning of life! I learn so much from everyone, I thought a blog would be the perfect way to record the memories! The "Plus..." is all about extra bits 'n pieces that I have found and would love to show you. Welcome to our Craft Group. Please feel free to say hi, leave a comment or become a follower! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Quilt for me!!!

My lovely friend Jenni actually made me a quilt! How special is that and so humbling... to have someone spend so much time making something especially for me! It was for my new decade birthday and was very much appreciated!

The quilt is a summary of my family. click here to see all the panels and meet my embroidered family.

Well, this is me, but you already know that.

 This my Dad who lived in Europe during the second world war, went as part of the army to Indonesia and then visited Australia. Here he fell in love with the country and a particular young lady and so stayed here forever. That was nice of him, so I could be born an Aussie which I think is pretty good! He worked hard all his life, changing his career after he turned 60 I think, to become a bus driver which he loved and kept doing until he turned 80 when he decided at last to retire completely!

Meet my Mum, Wil, who everyone at The Craft Group knows of course. She has been making and creating things her whole life. She has mastered knitting and crocheting and gives everything else a go as the opportunity arises with card making her main hobby at the moment.

My eldest sister loves the winter and lives near the mountains where they enjoy alpine living.

My younger sister fosters little children, so she is pictured here with a little one at her side.

Then came the time when I left the family of my birth to start my own family...

My husband Mark happens to be a VW man, amongst other things!

Annalee loves to play Oz Tag - a sport responsible for 2 knee reconstructions! 
And playing the saxophone.

Jacob is learning to be a carpenter and has played soccer since he was 5.

Corey is our drummer. He gave an impressive solo performance the other day at school for his final music exam!

Heidi is our hugger! You can always get a hug and some encouragement from her any time of the day.

Then Jen found out and embroidered my wedding text. In our church community, an engaged couple can choose a text from the Bible for the minister to preach on. We decided this one was a good one to base our lives together on.

I had every intention to hang my new quilt on the wall for all to see but since I had my knee surgery 2 weeks ago, it has been so nice to use over my cold legs.

Thanks Jenni!

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