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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Shameful Dogs' confessions!

Dogs can be just SO naughty!

There is a funny blog started up where people can shame their dogs for the naughty things they have done! They take a photo including a written confession from their pooch.

Here's one, but you can check out the blog here if you like:   http://dog-shaming.com/

...and another....

Oh I could do plenty of these about my dog, Max!
His ritual afternoon barking at passing...anything.... drives me crazy!
But I must say, living in Sydney I do not feel at all guilty about Max living outside.
I really can't imagine living with a naughty smelly dog in the house. 

(He has a snug doghouse with a pretty mattress, so don't feel too sorry for him!)

I protect my house by barking every afternoon.

Hello Max.
Look at me like that and I forgive you.

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