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Friday, 19 October 2012

20th Anniversary 'Formalities'

This is the last day I am sharing with you photos of our 20th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion!
(See more pictures in the earlier posts from this week).

After we all gathered in the big all and admired the lovely display, we sat ourselves at the tables of our very upper class High Tea. Gerald, one of the ministers of our church opened our formalities. He looked up 'Craft' in a Bible dictionary and apart from the references to dubious characters being 'crafty', there are quite a number of references to people being great 'craftsmen' and women no doubt, who had very important roles in decorating temples and producing fine clothing.  So, being crafty (in the more noble sense) is quite an honorable pass time!

I have had trouble putting photos onto this post. My blog is telling me I have used up my quota of photos! (Unless of course I am willing to pay....) I didn't know I had a quota! Grrr. But here are 2 that it let me add.
Marianne and Ekkie started the Craft Group 20 years ago and ran it for 7 years. They gave a little talk about how it all started and then gave everyone a cute little survival kit containing a mini sewing kit, a tea bag, a bible verse and of course, what every good survival kit needs... a bandaid!

Then here I am (below) with my Heidi (who wasn't even born when I started coming to The Craft Group) and her friend Danielle holding up the Grandmas Garden quilt which was made voluntarily by ladies (headed up by Elaine) in our group.
We auctioned it off and I became bit sweaty when the bids kept creeping up and up and the quilt fetched a lovely $250 which will go to a women's project in the third world. I will tell you more about it soon.

Dianne Riley came as our "Guest Speaker". It was lovely to hear a challenge from a fellow 'crafter' to think about the HOPE we have in life and she shared with us her hop. You can read more about her and her message here.

Well, it was a lovely day! 20 of getting together is certainly a great effort and a huge milestone to be celebrated! Thanks for celebrating with me and thanks for everyone who put all the hard work into making it such a successful day!

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