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Monday, 1 October 2012

DIY wired jars

I loved some jars in a trendy little gift shop in my neighbourhood. 
The problem with me and gift shops is that I love the things I see but can't bring myself to paying the cash for anything. "I can make it" my heart tells me. "You don't have time" my head tells me.
"You just watch me" my stubborn self tells me.

And so I did.
Like this...

Materials needed: 
Clean jars with labels removed
Wire cutters
Pointy nose pliers

1. Bend one end of the uncut wire to form a little loop.

2. Bend the wire a quarter of the way around the top of the jar.

3. Make a complete loop on the wire using the pliers.

4. Bend the wire on the opposite side of the jar from the loop (three quarters of the way around from where you started.) Make another complete loop.

5.  Bend the wire back to the starting place. Extend the wire 1 cm past the starting loop (no more) and cut it with wire cutters.

6. Put the end of the wire through the starting loop.

7. Pull the wire tight and bend the end back.

8. Cut a length of wire and  make a handle, curling the ends through the side loops.

Hello little jar. You may stay in my house for a little while instead of going out in the recycling bin!

I have some of these jars in my house with some rice in the bottom with a tea light nestled in it.
I made heaps for my recent birthday party, to have on each table with a tea light. But... then I found out that no candles were allowed in the community hall, so I still put a jar on each table as part of the table decor and filled it with flowers and berries.

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  1. You did well but for me it would be parting with the dollars!JP


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