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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dog House Renovation

I am enjoying the decluttering tips from Glynnis Whitwer.
I made a BIG list of all my "Things to do" and it felt good to get it all on one big piece of cardboard with columns for every topic. I will tell you more about my decluttering pursuits later. I am actually going to have a little blogging break while I get stuck into some things.

 For now I thought you might like to see my biggest house renovation ever! 
A whole house renovated and refurbished in less than a day. (Well, 2 half days actually).

This house belongs to our "Max". 
(Remember when Max chose my free give-away winner?)
This is the "Before" shot.
Ugly inside and out.
Definitely would not turn any heads in the Real Estate market.

Out you go Max. We'll pay for you to go off on a luxury day away, all expenses paid, while we do a complete makeover of your home!

I used the same outdoor paint we have on the outside of our house. The Blue and Cream are both "Sunguard" so even though Max's house will not be in the sun, it is outside on the veranda and will be able to take all weather conditions.
Here is my renovation team member, Heidi applying the first coat of paint.

Who said you can't paint old perishing plastic? 
I gave it a good scrub and let it dry well before giving it 2 coats of paint.

I then made new interior furnishings. Max sleeps on old ripped sheets and towels from our house. I made a pillow case shaped cover to fit the house floor. I put a piece of cardboard in first (to stop Max crumpling it up into a ball) and then laid a few layers of old linen in it and flipped the end over to close it.

Come on home Max! What do you think of the 'open plan' feel? Good for summer days and warm nights!

I know... that is a look of unbelief! Yes! We did it for you and you don't have to pay a thing! 
(I didn't pay a thing either, it was all done using things around the house!)

Come inside! Try it out with the newly painted roof on. Great hey!?

What's that? You are feeling overwhelmed and can't believe how great it looks? 
Is that a tear in your eye?

Give us a kiss!

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