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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Prayer... an afterthought?

So I was wanting to get into the de-cluttering challenge from Glynnis Whitwer and as I read the first day she stopped me in my tracks. I feel like a marathon runner who wants to get started with the running and someone has told me to stop and take a drink of water and look at the map so I actually know where I am running to. OK. That really does make sense. She is talking to her audience as Christians, saying STOP! How about we look at the problem of "Too much stuff in too small a space" a little later and first pray about what we are wanting to do with our "stuff".

It made me realise how often I dive into the deep end of things and then pray afterwards. Prayer isn't just a magical chant. It is really talking to the maker of the Universe! The God who knows all things and can do all things is wanting to listen to little old me. He wants me to bring everything to Him and He answers me, not always giving me what I think is a good idea, but what He knows I need.  We can pray about everything. Big things, small things, important things and mundane things. God hears our prayers but I also find I learn a lot when I pray because as I talk to God, I see things from His point of view and things often take on new meaning.

So, today I will stop and pray.

... But I am itching to do some sort of sorting today, just while I have a few days off. I am also thinking about painting the dog house.... Random I know. I'll see what the day brings.

1 comment:

  1. Right, you're on.
    Also floored by the "let's pause", but how inspiring and true her message.
    Let's declutter together!


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