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Monday, 30 January 2012

My bokje and elephant

Well, I am back to my blog. School starts back today and I do NOT feel organised and ready for a new year! A few unexpected things happened and I am still only up to day 7 of the 15 day clutter free challenge! My son had a day off work last friday and so we pulled up the 30 year old carpet in the loungeroom, so you can imagine the disruption that causes. 

This HAS to be my decluttering year!
But... I don't like a stark empty house either  :)
And I hate waste and throwing things out.
I'd rather find another home for something or recycle it in some way.
We all buy too much and throw away too much.
I love it when I have something but I am sick of it so I put it away in the back of a cupboard for a while. Suddenly, one day I see the beauty in it again and out it comes to go on display. 
At that point I am so happy that I didn't throw it away.
Ahh and it didn't cost me a cent!

This beautiful elephant is enjoying the glorious sunlight again after being stored in a cupboard. 
I used to help a 98 year old dutch lady. She passed away on my birthday years ago. Her daughter said they wanted me to have something from her mum. She did have some lovely little dutch trinkets, so I thought it would be sweet to have a little dutch thing to remember her by. Then one day the daughter came to the door to give me... an elephant! He makes me grin.

This little beauty is a little kid or 'bokje'.
My mother remembers her father giving her some money in Holland, when she was a little girl, to go and buy her mother a birthday present.
She walked down the street and into a gift shop and bought this sweet little baby goat which has been in Mum and Dad's loungeroom ever since I was born I guess. Then one day I saw it through different eyes and LOVED it. So now he is on holidays at my house.
He is so sweet and calm.

(Unlike me at the moment!)

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