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Friday, 10 February 2012

Embroidered bear by Bev

                                                                      Well, hello gorgeous bear!   

This bear has had a lucky life! Bev bought it for $7.99 at a 'cheap' shop for her daughter, Kaitlin to take to school at the end of year 6, to have all her friends sign their names on it.
Bev and Kaitlin are such big softies. The bear was too cute to be covered in year 6 kids comments. 
So they took pity on him and rescued him from a future all tattooed with things he would later regret.
Instead, Bev made up a scrapbookers page, using black and dark card, gave Kaitlin light coloured gel pens and had all the school mates sign the page. What a lovely idea and so easy to store afterwards!

So then, back to the rescued bear. How could Bev resist?
She thought she might add some embroidery and lace.
She made it up as she went along.
Take a good look...

Have you ever seen such a happy bear?
Just think for a moment of the lady in Asia who would have been paid a pittance to make this bear... as well as many others. Think about all the bears she made that are now tossed aside and are thrown out. How proud would she have felt to see this bear embellished so beautifully!

I can't help but see an illustration here too of how God takes us when we trust in Him and makes us more beautiful than even we imagine!

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  1. I love embroidery. Bev your work is exquisite!


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