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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Pretty Group Project Quilt

In the past, making a quilt was often a community event. Recently I was part of a project where a group of us made a quilt for a friend. It was SO nice to secretly work on it and present it to her at the end.
It came together really nicely. The basic idea was that we alternate a 9 patch square with a cream coloured square. These were all shared amongst us and we could do whatever we wanted on the blank square with the theme of a 'heart'.

Working out where the pieces should live was a fun group task. Those squares were moved so many times!

Here are a few of the squares I made. 

 Then we gave it to Vivienne who is an A-MA-ZING quilter. She sits for hours and hand quilts. I think she did it in a week!!!


Ta da!
The finished quilt.
Seeing as I have not finished a quilt on my own for such a long time, it was very satisfying to be a part of this lovely gift.


This quilt was not for Jenni. Sorry Jen. 
But I still want to say HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY for you today!!!


  1. This is just beautiful!! :)
    What a great collaboration too!
    PS. I think I'm popping into school on Tuesday! x

  2. I love it. So sad it is not for me. If I had done all that work I couldn't give it away either.


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