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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

is your husband your best friend?

Not to detract from my lovely female friends but I was thinking today that my husband is my best friend.
What made me think of this?
This GORGEOUS conversation I had today at school while I was outside on playground duty...

I was having a lovely chat with a boy in grade 4 about nothing much and then he pointed to the other side of the playground.

Mr 9 years old: Hey look! See that girl running there with the red ribbon? That's my girlfriend.
Me: That's nice that she is your friend. You don't have to call her your 'girlfriend', she is just your friend.    
        It's OK to have friends that are girls too.
Mr 9 years old: No, she is my girlfriend. (sad face) She said she didn't want to be my friend.
Me: ?

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