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Thursday, 8 March 2012

wet wet wet!

You know how sometimes it is good to give your pot plants a good soaking in a tub and then let them drain a bit? Well it's like that is what happened to NSW!

One of my sisters couldn't drive out of her street for a few days. There was a foot bridge that was accessible, so when they saw the road might become closed, they put a car on the other side of the creek and were then able to walk to that car and drive to work.

My other sister was stuck for a day, together with thousands of other people, on the western side of the Hawksbury River. But that was a nice excuse to not go out.

We had the deluge here in sydney on Thursday and it took my kids two and a half hours to get to school on an otherwise 15 minute bus trip! The traffic was terrible. I went to The Craft Group and arrived 45 minutes late. There were about half the ladies there, others not able or willing to fight the weather and traffic.
Click here to read all about it in the Sydney Morning Herald.

I do feel of course very sad for those who have had things damaged by the water on thursday but the lovely thing about a Sydney rain storm is that sometimes when it is over, like on Thursday, the sun shines brightly and the sky is a deep blue and things feel like they have had a good clean.

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