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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Peony Flower - Crochet flower No. 3

Thanks Wendy for showing me this Peony flower pattern!
I have attempted to make a big chunky one with a ginormous crochet hook and a huge roll of bias binding I found once on the "Swap shop". I thought it would make it easier to see in my photos.
This really is an easy pattern.

ch 4, slip stitch to form a circle.
Round 1: ch 1, 14 SC into ring, join.
Round 2: ch 3, 2 DC into same stitch as 3 chains. 3 DC into each stitch around. Join.
Round 3: ch 3, 2 DC into same stitch as 3 chains. 3 DC into each stitch around. Join. Weave in ends.

Now do it Diana's STEP-BY-STEP way... click "read more" to see the whole thing.

STEP 1: put a slip stitch on your hook.

STEP 2: chain 4

STEP 3: Join with the first stitch with a slip stitch to form a circle. 

STEP 4: Chain 1, then do 14 single crochet into the centre of the ring.

Here I've done about 7. Keep going...

There, phew, that's 14. Now join with a slip stitch to join with the start.

STEP 5:  Do 3 chains then 2 double crochets in the same stitch at the base of those chains.

STEP 6: Do 3 double crochets in each stitch in that round. 

Yes, that will be heaps of DC. You can do it! Keep going and do a slip stitch to join at the end.

STEP 7: Do the exact same thing now for round 3. That is, do 3 chain then 2 double crochet in the base of those 3 chains. Now go all the way around doing 3 double crochet in each stitch.
Join with a slip stitch at the end. Cut the thread with a bit of extra length. Pull the thread through and stitch back through a few stitches and cut.

I haven't shown you the end result of the giant flower because it looked pretty ridiculous! Here are some nice ones done with a 5mm (size G) hook and 8 ply wool.

If you would like a condensed version of the pattern, click "read more".

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