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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Where do you fold washing?

Families create so much washing! It is a labour of love I must say. There is so much involved. And it keeps coming back!
Collect dirty washing. 
Optional - Soak and treat stains. 
Sort and put in washing machine. 
Optional - remove some wrinkles (see * below)
Hang out to dry.
Take the washing in.
Fold it.
Iron whatever needs it.
Put clothes away (or tell kids to put theirs away).
Optional - do a random room inspection to be sure clothes are not stuffed in the drawers or under the bed.

* I put things like Tshirts straight from the machine into the dryer just for 5 minutes, or until they are warm but still wet and then I don't have to iron them. It takes all the little wrinkles out. :)

Sorry if you thought this was going to be a revolutionary post. But hey, this is my reality (and yours).
So, my first question is... Do you have a favourite part of the whole washing process? Look at the survey on the right. Vote for your favourite art of the whole laundry experience. 
Below, if you click 'read more' you will be bored beyond belief to read my list of favourites in the above steps of washing. 
My next question is... do you have a routine place where you do all your folding? 

This is where I sit. In our family room, on a little wooden stool made for me by my boys, years ago at a Cadet camp. I pop the cushions out of the way then fold on my lap and make six piles on the lounge, going from oldest in the family to the youngest.

I made a family rule that when you turn 21 and are still living at home (which I love by the way), you get your very own washing hamper and you do your own washing. Aren't I generous? But, how funny is this? Our eldest daughter, Annalee now does all her own washing but I always still have a gap where her pile used to be. (See it, third from the left?) I don't mean to, I am such a creature of habit!
OK, so here are my favourites, 1 being the most enjoyable and 10 the least enjoyable.

5. Collect dirty washing. (kids have to deliver!)
2. Optional - Soak and treat stains. (can be a scientific challenge)
1. Sort and put in washing machine. (Ah, listen to the machine do all the work!)
4. Optional - remove some wrinkles (saves on lots of summer ironing)
7. Hang out to dry. (Nice if I need vitamin D)
6. Take the washing in. (putting things flat in the basket saves ironing too)
3. Fold it.
8. Iron whatever needs it. (I do this while chatting to the kids or supervising homework)
9. Put clothes away (or tell kids to put theirs away).
10. Optional - do a random room inspection to be sure clothes are not stuffed in the drawers or under the bed.
you might want to add... 
11. Read about other people's washing rantings.

So tell me.... where do you do your folding?


  1. My favourite part of doing the washing is when it is all finished and the kids put it away.
    I iron the weekly washing in front of the TV on a Sunday night watching 60 minutes. (or Dancing with the Stars) The basket of socks and undies get upended on the rumpus room floor with the instruction "Take what is yours."

  2. Yes Diana you are generous .my offspring do their own washing when they left school.18yrs. Except my mum when you get to 93yrs i do hers . If I do some washing the night before my dear husband will put it on the line in the morning before he goes to school. when my kids were at school I used to sort out own clothes into a basket and they would fold their own.my husband is the curator of the sock pillow case everyone seems to need black socks........ and those socks that lose their partner is there a use for them ???????


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