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Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Wrap up - this Week's Highlights

I can't believe it's friday already!
I've been really busy, but besides all the crazy busyness, I have had fun blogging the following...

I love family traditions. A while ago I made a Congratulations Plate to be used by anyone in the family with a birthday or something else to celebrate.  :)

On Sunday I shared a lovely song by Tal & Acacia, Yahweh.

We saw Valda's latest project which is something you don't want to copy.

I said "Happy 57th Anniversary" to my Mum and Dad, John & Wil.

I featured 2 great bags made by Anne for our "Cancer Council Morning Tea". The first bag is made using 'bullseye quilt' leftovers. And the second bag is a padded Japanese lunch bag. Very handy... and cute.

In my home life, Heidi got her braces on. She couldn't eat from the Congratulation Plate because she can only eat mush for a few days. I'll have to make a "I've had a hard day" bowl!

Have a great weekend and be creative in all you do. Even if it is just frying an egg!

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