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Monday, 27 August 2012

2 gift quilts for 2 girls

You know how sometimes something bad happens and just because you were a small part of the series of events you get the blame? Don't you hate that!!!?

Well, I am doing the opposite. I am claiming all sorts of undeserved glory for these 2 lovely quilts!

Pat, at The Craft Group, asked me if I knew anyone who could help to make 2 quilts as a farewell gift. Their Pastor was moving to another place and they wanted a special gift for his 2 daughters.

Well, it's pretty hard to find someone willing to do that but I recommended Bev because she is a) a lovely quilter b) she knows the girls who are leaving and c) she is a very generous, gracious, giving lady, so it would be worth asking her!

Well, I really had nothing else to do with the quilts apart from holding them up to show off to everyone, but they are so lovely, I will happily bask in the glory of another successfully finished project!  ;)

I think Bev did most of the work but she said it was a group effort in the end. They had chosen colours that were the girls' favourite without realising it. I think they are lovely personal gifts with lots of love poured into them. 
Please don't run and hide from me because you think I am going to dob you in to make something for someone else! (But you never know...)

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