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Monday, 6 August 2012

Party favours for all ages.

I had so much fun making these goodies to give to all the guests at my party.
I wanted to hand make something which showed how much I appreciated everyone coming to help celebrate. I made a wrapped, super sized freckle chocolate for everyone!

Step one: melt a packet of "Choc Melts" according to the packet's directions. I figured out that adding just a tablespoon of melted copha in with the chocolate helped to form smoother shapes.

Step two: spoon some chocolate into patty cases in a muffin tray. Make them about 3 mm thick. 
Thin and even is best.
Step 3: pour heaps of 100's and 1000's into each case. When they are completely cooled (the fridge helps), shake the loose 100's and 1000's off over a bowl. They can be used again.

Step 4: Now cut little pieces of plastic wrap and wrap each freckle individually. Maybe just taste test one to make sure it is OK.  ;)

Step 5: Make and print on your computer some circles with a message on it.
I fitted 3 per page. Cut them out roughly. Find some paper for the backing. I used a light blue paper.

Step 6: This can be tricky but if the freckle is not too think, you will get it. Following the outside of the circle, zig zag around the edge with the freckle chocolate between the 2 pieces of paper like this...

Coming to the end of the circle can be tricky so really go slow and keep adjusting the paper and freckle with your hands.

Ta da!

Step 7: With scalloped shaped scissors, cut around the edge of the circle.

It was fun giving them to everyone. There are 2 types of people in the world and both are great. Those who receive something like this and take it home and find the right moment and open it. Then there are those who are curious to know what is inside so they immediately rip it open and then eat the freckle on the spot. I love it how we are all different.

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  1. These are fabulous! :) I love the way you've packaged them! :) PInning this on Pinterest now! x


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